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TwitchCon 2018 took place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, on the weekend of October 26-28. I hopped on the train every morning and tried getting in early to chill and chat while spectating live tournaments. We gasped at the intricate cosplay costumes, and listened to Twitch announce many upcoming features for both streamers and viewers. Luckily I did the merch shopping early as this was a full que for most of the weekend. I met up with some of the BearSquid members, and they kept me company while we browsed the Expo which showcased various new products, latest/upcoming games, cool competitions and some live stages. I also learnt a lot with the informative sessions guided by a panel of speakers, experienced in their respective fields. So many questions I’ve pondered over was answered during sessions like Sponsorship Best Practices, Branding, Essential Business & Legal Advice, Working with Publishers & Developers, and many more. I even stood up in a session and begged a PUBG representative to give us South Africans a server, eh was worth a shot. I got to network with potential sponsors and got a tour of the latest games some developers are working on. Let me just say that 2019 will be exciting. I also got to make my mark on the chalkboard wall where I drew the BearSquid loud and proud. Some members spot it and wrote their names inside. Even the Partners Party was a blast. With an open bar you can just imagine us nerds, geeks and weirdoes spazing out for the eve. My after party was chilling with the dopest BearSquid members in a Jacuzzi. There was something for everyone at TwitchCon 2018. If it was financially viable, I’d attend it every year. If you live near it is a must!